Depression, showing up to rain on me again. This time of year it seems to show up right one time. There has been a few things that may have triggered it, but I won’t go into that. It’s just too personal to put out there in public. When I’m feeling manic and overly confident […]

I write when I’m tired

The thoughts start flowing out of me on a tired day. As I’m driving to work early in the morning on a sunny cold winter Saturday I notice all the healthy well dressed fit joggers running through the suburbs on the nicely paved sidewalks. As I sigh, I notice how normal they seem and look. […]


If I could get inside your mind what would I see? If you could get inside of mine how would it be? Is it safe to tell you my story… To let you dig deep and see inside where lies the ugly, gory, wicked yet divine, multifaceted sides of me.. Or should I continue to […]


“You take everything to heart,” she said I try SO hard to be hard. Again and again I fail Again I try not to be affected when I see a homeless man with the sad and gentle blue eyes wearing no soaks on a rainy day, seeking shelter in a meeting.. Again I fail Again […]


I woke up at 3am out of nowhere tonight…I mean this morning. Whatever you want to call it.  I’ve been sleeping well lately. Who know’s. There must be a lot on my mind this morning. I’m feeling that emotional void inside of me resurfacing and I desperately need a shower. I know gross right. Plus […]

I have bipolar 1 disorder

I started this blog as a place for people to visit for emotional support and finding natural ways to treat mental health issues. Well, tonight it’s a bit back wards. I’m sort of here for support and a place to share my current experience being on psych meds for bipolar 1 disorder. I have prided […]

The inner child

Inside each and everyone of  us is an inner child. Even the touchiest person you know with a strong exterior who may show little emotion has a beautiful, playful and delicate inner child. Sometimes things can happen when we are younger to wound that inner child, causing adult childish behaviour. That is why it is […]