I have bipolar 1 disorder

I started this blog as a place for people to visit for emotional support and finding natural ways to treat mental health issues. Well, tonight it’s a bit back wards. I’m sort of here for support and a place to share my current experience being on psych meds for bipolar 1 disorder. I have prided […]

The inner child

Inside each and everyone of  us is an inner child. Even the touchiest person you know with a strong exterior who may show little emotion has a beautiful, playful and delicate inner child. Sometimes things can happen when we are younger to wound that inner child, causing adult childish behaviour. That is why it is […]

Supportive surroundings

I truly feel support is everything when we are trying to heal from anything we might have gone through or still going through  in life. Surrounding our selves in a supportive environment around healthy, helpful and loving people is exactly the way to feel fulfilled, reassured and reminded that we are NEVER alone. We are […]

Self love

Being kind to myself isn’t something that comes naturally to me. It’s something I’m teaching myself. It’s a daily practice that I improve on little by little everyday.  I take a step each day by reminding myself how important self care is. A part of loving myself is being kind to myself. How are you showing […]

Sunshine & vitamin D

After a recent trip to Lake Tahoe and spending hours under the the sunshine it helped me realize how important sunshine is for a happy mood. I came back from Tahoe that week feeling peaceful and content. I knew it had something to do with all that sunshine I was exposed to that day. I […]